Scarlett Higgins


Photo: Scarlett Higgins
Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies and English
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Humanities 435


I teach classes in American literature, film, and visual culture of the later 20th and 21st centuries, as well as on topics related to intersectional feminist, gender, and sexuality studies, public sphere theories, and psychoanalytic theory.

My research interests have focused on experimental literature and film and how a wide variety of artists have used juxtapositional art practices as means toward political resistance. This is the topic of my 2018 book, Collage and Literature: the Persistence of Vision (Routledge).

The current focus of my research is on the power of rationality (data, metrics, analytics) in our contemporary culture, moving from the immediate post-World War II period forward. One section of this project is published in Textual Practice as the article “Purity of Essence in the Cold War: Dr. Strangelove, Paranoia, and Bodily Boundaries.” (2018, 32 (5)); another section of this ongoing project can be seen in my chapter on Harryette Mullen’s poetry in the volume Evaluations of U. S. Poetry since 1950 (2021: University of New Mexico Press).