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New name, Same Great Program!

Dear community,

It is my pleasure to officially announce that we have a new name! As of Fall 2019, we are now the Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies Program! This new name reflects not only our commitment to gender and sexuality as objects of analysis, but our full-hearted commitment to all members of our diverse gender and sexual communities. Women Studies has historically been one of the main programs at UNM that has centered our non-conforming gender and sexual students, but now our name reflects that work. Our new name also reflects our enduring centering of intersectionality; to paraphrase a famous feminist slogan, “our feminism is nothing without intersectionality!” In the next few months, please expect more news, updates and exciting events as we build our program!

In solidarity,
Amy L. Brandzel, Interim Director, Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies


What is Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies at UNM?

Our program is one of the oldest in the country. After years of organizing across faculty, students, and staff, the Women Studies Program was launched in 1972. As part of the civil rights movements of the time, Women Studies at UNM offered a radical resurgence of feminist scholarship and activisms. In 1999, Women Studies began to offer a BA major alongside the minor that had been offered for many years. While the program had offered graduate courses for many years, the graduate certificate program was officially initiated in 2006. In 2019, we changed our name from Women Studies to Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies to reflect our growing investments in intersectional queer and transgender studies.

What is Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies at UNM? It is a program that centers intersectional analyses of women, gender, and sexuality. It is a program staffed by award-winning faculty who create dynamic classroom spaces for diverse learning styles. It is a program that examines how race, Indigeneity, nation, disability, age, and more intersect with gender and sexuality. It is the hub of feminist, queer, and transgender studies at UNM.

We are intersectional. We are transnational. We are UNM.