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Women Studies Program

MSC03 2155
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

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Welcome: UNM Women Studies Program

What is Women Studies?

Women Studies is a discipline that utilizes approaches from the humanities and the social sciences in order better to understand the intersectional influences of gender, sexuality, race, class, region, and other factors of identity. In WMST courses at UNM, you will learn how to apply theory to analyses of how gender and other constructs inform individual lives and institutions (regionally, nationally, and transnationally). What can I do with a degree in Women Studies?

graphic: Women Studies and Women's Resource Center - celebrate 40 years

Celebrate 40 years with the UNM Women Studies Program!

The Women Studies Program, part of the College of Arts & Sciences, celebrates 40 years at UNM this year. This makes our UNM Women Studies Program one of the oldest in the United States. 

In 1969, Women Studies was a collective of faculty, graduate students and community members. In addition to establishing the Women Studies Program in 1972 the original collective also contributed to the founding of the UNM Women’s Resource Center and the Albuquerque Rape Crisis Center.  Until 1999, the UNM Women Studies Program offered only a minor and the program now offers a major and a minor. 

The Women Studies Program has graduated nearly 250 majors and minors since 1986. Currently around 500 students, generating some 1500 credit hours, take courses in the Women Studies Program. 

Women Studies regularly cross-lists courses with other programs, colleges and departments at UNM; some of these include: Africana Studies, American StudiesAnthropology, Asian Studies,Communication & JournalismEnglishEuropean StudiesHistoryNative American StudiesPhilosophySociology,Political SciencePsychology, and the UNM Honors Program. Courses are also cross-listed with the Colleges of EducationFine Arts, and the Anderson School of Management.

A multidisciplinary Executive Committee advises the Women Studies Program. Over 100 affiliated faculty from disciplines throughout U.N.M. lend teaching support to the program. The Women Studies Program is a member of the National Women Studies Association (NWSA) and Southwest Institute for Research on Women (SIROW).