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Graduate Transcripted Certificate Program

The Graduate Certificate in Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies


The University of New Mexico Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies (WGSS) Program offers a transcripted graduate certificate in WGSS. Graduate students already enrolled in a graduate level program at UNM may apply for admission to the WS graduate certificate program on a rolling enrollment basis. Students may submit their materials at any time, but no later than September 15 for Spring graduation, and no later than March 15 for a Fall graduation. Please be aware that OGS has its own deadlines for formally adding the transcripted certificate to the student's program of study. Students are responsible for informing themselves of the deadlines set by OGS and respecting them. 

The Graduate Certificate in Women Studies is designed as an area of specialization for students pursuing a master's degree or a doctorate in disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, fine arts, or the professional schools at the University of New Mexico. The Graduate Certificate provides graduate students the opportunity to complete an education program that addresses feminist, queer and transgender studies. Graduate courses in feminist, queer and transgender studies offered through WGSS are also available to graduate students not pursuing the graduate certificate.

The Graduate Certificate is designed to be taken in conjunction with an M.A. or Ph.D. program in another department at UNM. Acceptance into a graduate degree program is required in order to be eligible to pursue the Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies Graduate Certificate.

Applications should include: 

  • Application cover sheet.
  • Proof of admission into a graduate program at UNM, such as copy of your registration form from my.unm.edu
  • A letter of intent addressing the applicant's research project and interest in feminist, queer, and transgender studies. Please include discussion of any coursework (undergrad or grad) that is relevant to WGSS. 

Send Applications Via email to the Director of Graduate Studies, Prof Amy L Brandzel, at brandzel@unm.edu



The Graduate Certificate in Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies requires the completion of a minimum of 15 credit hours (5 courses) at the graduate level, two required courses, and three electives.

Required Courses (2)

Students must take 6 hours of required coursework with a grade of 3.0 or higher.

  • WMST 510: Feminist Theory (3 credit hours)
  • WMST 512: Feminist Research Methods (3 credit hours)

Ideally, students will take WMST 510 before WMST512. It is recommended that students take each of these courses early in their program.

Elective Courses (3)

Students must complete 9 hours (3 graduate level courses) in courses that have at least 50% content in feminist, queer and transgender studies, and/or courses that are crosslisted with or offered within the program. Courses that are not listed in our program should be sent to the graduate director for approval. Please send the syllabus with full reading lists to brandzel@unm.edu for approval.

Once admitted to the certificate program, students must submit an "add a Transcripted Graduate Certificate" form, with a signature of approval from the Director of Women Studies to the Office of Graduate Studies.

Near the end of the completion of a student's graduate program, an "Application for Candidacy for the Doctoral or MFA Degree" form must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies.  Students must record the information related to their transcripted certificate program, including the list of courses completed to fulfill the requirements of the Women Studies Transcripted Certificate (item 12 on the form). 

The Application for Candidacy for the Doctoral or MFA Degree form must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies by October 1, if graduating the following spring, or April 1, if graduating the following fall.